First official glomex AWS meetup

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On October 17, 2016 we organized our first official glomex AWS Meetup. As part of the AWS user group in Munich we had invited the Munich Amazon Web Services community to the ProSiebenSat.1 “Besucher-Pavillion“ in Unterföhring.

About 75 people travelled to Unterföhring and followed our talks. The event started with beer, snacks and networking.


Markus Ostertag from TeamInternet opened the stage presenting the last four weeks’ AWS announcements. Check this webpage to find those latest AWS news and to stay up to date with all the AWS feature releases.

Andreas Sieferlinger from the glomex operations team presented the AWS multi-account structure and our glomex VPC setup. In a very hands-on presentation he also spoke about challenges such as missing cross-account support or costs caused by multiple accounts. Check his presentation for more details.


After the AWS infrastructure talk, Markus Schmidberger from the glomex data service team talked about using a serverless infrastructure on AWS to do Big Data. glomex runs many different workloads on AWS Lambda including ETL pipeline or API backends. Using AWS Lambda, we can scale easily and cost-efficiently. But AWS Lambda limitations such as 500 GB disk space or missing local development environment require some new engineering approaches. Check Markus’ presentation for more details.

Last but not least, Michael Ludwig from NetLight Consulting demonstrated how Apache Spark on Amazon EMR is used in the glomex DataService team. His hands-on presentation showed how to process a huge amount of data on a cheap Amazon EMR Hadoop cluster using spot instances. Plus, Michael provided his listeners with deeper insights to the tools developed by glomex to improve AWS usability.


The meetup ended with more beer and good discussions about AWS infrastructure setup, serverless architectures, Spark and S3 compatibility and reviews of the glomex job board. Feel free to check our latest open job postings.


Thanks a lot to all participants for joining our meetup session and thanks to the glomex engineering team for making this event reality. We are looking forward to host more meetups powered by glomex and special Thanks to Markus Ostertag for organizing this huge community and inviting people interested in Cloud Computing to meetings and networking events every month.


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by Markus Schmidberger, Architect Data Service Johannes Brandstetter, Head of Operations